The Jefferson Actors Guild (aka J.A.G.)

The Jefferson Actors Guild, aka J.A.G., was founded in 2000 to help bring drama to Jefferson School. Over the past 20 years, J.A.G. has produced:

2001: The Wizard of Oz

2002: The Fairy Tale Courtroom

2003: Kids to the Rescue

2004: Schoolhouse Rock

2005: Lion and Mouse Stories

2006: The Princess’s Gift

2007: Twinderella

2008: The Princess King

2009: Hydrangea Albright, Comedy or Tragedy?

2010: If I Had a Million Dollars

2011: A Trip To The Fairy Tale Courtroom

2012: Lion and Mouse Stories

2013: Haphazardly Ever After

2014: Something Special Happened

2015: Fairy Tale Misfits

2016: It's All About Baseball

2017: The Princess King

2018: Hydrangea Albright, Comedy or Tragedy?

2019: Haphazardly Ever After

2020: Fairy Tale Misfits: Postponed (TBA)

During this time, over 700 fourth and fifth graders have participated in J.A.G. Many of our J.A.G. alumni have gone on to participate in Summit Middle School and Summit High School plays. From the beginning, J.A.G. has emphasized the process, over the product. It is our goal to bring a positive drama experience to each year’s cast and crew. Teamwork, personal responsibility, and dedication are all emphasized throughout the 4 months process.

2019: Haphazardly Ever After

SYNOPSIS: Tons of magical fun awaits in this original, one-of-a-kind fractured fairy tale farce! A kind king and queen have trouble in their royal family — four obnoxious, bratty, adult children who do not live up to their royal titles. There’s the mean Princess Cinnamon, the not-so-bright Princess Peppermint, the vain Prince Hairgel and Prince Slacker, who thinks being a prince is just way, way too hard. The king and queen try everything to bring happiness and harmony to their family. They hire a royal therapist, bring in royal teachers and even attempt to marry off their children, all to no avail. The king and queen are ready for a happily-ever-after that doesn’t include adult children still living at home, so they call upon the fairy godmother to help. However, after learning the outrageous cost of hiring the fairy godmother (let alone the permits required), the king and queen decide to create a do-it-yourself fairy tale with the help of supplies purchased at The Enchanted Depot. Royal chaos! Of course, nothing goes as planned, but everyone is changed by their experiences. And through a series of haphazard events, the royal family just might live happily ever after, after all.

2018: Hydrangea Albright, Comedy or Tragedy?

SYNOPSIS: A theatre accidentally hires two different playwrights to write a play about Hydrangea Albright, a young girl whose family is cursed with bad luck. One playwright sees her story as a tragedy filled with disappointment and sadness, while the other playwright sees Hydrangea’s story as a whimsical comedy in which failure leads to new opportunity. While the playwrights argue, duel with their pens and even rewrite each other’s scenes, we meet an array of eccentric characters in this play-within-a-play. The episodic tale starts with a curse created by her great-great-grandfather and works its way through several generations of Albrights. From lightning striking a tuba to a case of uncontrollable hiccups to a tree house destroyed by a piece of the International Space Station, we learn that there’s more than one way to react to an unfortunate series of events. With the opportunity for minimalist staging (thanks to the play-within-a-play plot), a structure that allows the characters with the most lines — the narrating playwrights — to keep their lines in front, of them and a remarkable female heroine who teaches us a wonderful moral about staying positive and not acting like a victim.

2017: The Princess King

SYNOPSIS: Everyone loves a good story, especially when it comes to life! Lucille’s mother tells her the story of “The Princess King” as it unfolds before our eyes on the main stage. Princess Genevieve wants to marry Henry, but he’s just a common cook. Of course, the king thinks this is ridiculous and takes it upon himself to choose who will be the next king and a suitable husband for his daughter. Though the princess begs her father to let her lead the kingdom herself, the king instead decides to hold a contest to find the next king. Princess Genevieve is outraged that she has been reduced to a trophy for her father’s contest, so she and Henry cook up a plot to have Genevieve enter the contest herself. Disguised as a prince, Genevieve is intent on proving to her father that she is worthy to wear the kingdom’s crown. Meanwhile, to cover for her absence, Henry clumsily masquerades as the princess, and Genevieve’s maid tries to cover for the cook! Filled with mistaken identities, tongue-in-cheek humor, and over-the-top characters, your audiences will cheer for the princess as she tries to outsmart Prince Air-Guitar and evil “Prince Fluffy” and battle the great chicken-dragon, with some help from Henry’s delicious lasagna!